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Free to sign-up, no contract

When it comes to our pricing, we keep things simple.

• No sign-up fee
• No contract
• No subscription fee
• No cancellation fee

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Our commission includes everything

When you get bookings we charge a small commission.

What's more, our commission covers ALL the costs of the 30+ channels we offer.   

No hidden costs, so you won’t pay anything else.

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15% for all channels

We charge 15% + VAT* on bookings from the vast majority of our partner channels.**

This includes all fees charged by Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia, TripAdvisor, TUI and over 25 affiliate sites.

*VAT applies to UK customers only
**Excluding Booking.com

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Booking.com fees

As Booking.com charge higher rates, our commission on bookings from this channel is 19% + VAT.*

This includes Booking.com's commission and is the only fee you'll pay.

*VAT applies to UK customers only.

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With TravelNest we only pay a commission when we get bookings. Their fee covers all the channel costs so we don't have to worry about making other payments - it makes everything simple."
Julie and EmmaSolid Luxury Lodges and Cottages
Julie and Emma from Solid Luxury Lodges and Cottages

And that's not all

When it comes to our pricing, we offer complete flexibility and transparency. If we don’t boost your bookings - there's no cost to you.

Frequently asked questions

We have found the support from the team at TravelNest to be invaluable. They helped us re-draft our property descriptions and helped us at every stage of the process. Five-star service!
ClaireBallylinny Holiday Cottages
Ballylinny Holiday Cottages

It's simple and easy to sign up

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