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We work with vacation rental owners worldwide to boost bookings. It’s FREE to join us, and you’ll pay nothing until we pay you for bookings! We charge a 5% Fee per booking, plus a 15% Channel Fee.

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TravelNest Pricing


TravelNest Fee

We keep things simple with a 5% TravelNest Fee per booking. 


Channel Fee

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We work with channels and guests for you. Channel fees, processing bookings, guest communications and payments are all included in our 15% Channel Fee.

Your trusted partner

Get access to 30+ global channels, great product features and industry-leading expertise to improve property performance on every channel.

TravelNest partner channels

Plus 20+ affiliate channels including

30+ global channels

Get global exposure with no limits! List on as many top channels as you like for NO extra cost. 

No risk solution

No sign-up fee. No contract. No cancellation fee. Pay nothing until we pay you for bookings!

Got multiple properties?

We don’t charge extra for additional properties. Pay the same no matter how many properties you have.

How our fees work

You pay a simple ‘all-in’ payment, per confirmed booking.  The Channel Fee is 15% for all channels. 

*For UK-based customers, we’ll charge VAT on the fees which will be deducted from your payout.


Here’s the answers to some commonly asked questions about our pricing and fees. 

It is completely FREE to join TravelNest. We don’t charge any set up fees or a monthly subscription. We keep things simple with a 5% TravelNest Fee per booking, plus a channel fee of 15% per booking. You’ll have access to all our 30+ channels, all our great product features and optimisation expertise to help you create great listings that attract bookings.  

This is our fee, charged per booking. It’s 5% for all bookings, no matter which channel the booking comes from. This gives you access to over 30 global channels, all of our great product features, customer support and industry-leading expertise to improve property performance on every channel.

The 15% Channel Fee covers ALL fees for processing bookings. We make your life easier, by handling ALL of the channel commission fees, managing all enquiries and bookings communications, processing guest payments and arranging payments to you. No more hassle dealing with channels directly – we deal with them for you, and it’s all included in our 15% Channel Fee.

We charge the same 15% Channel Fee on all bookings, no matter which channel you receive the booking from. This makes things much simpler – you’ll always know what you are being charged regardless of which channel a booking comes from.

The amount that we deduct from each booking is our service fee and channel fee plus VAT if your TravelNest account is registered with a UK address. If you are VAT registered in the UK, you can then claim the VAT back. You will receive a VAT invoice whenever a payment is made to you. This will detail what we are paying you and breaks down the fees per booking. If your TravelNest account is registered to an address outside of the UK, VAT will not be charged on our fees.

TravelNest only charges fees on bookings where a guest stays or a booking is cancelled and the guest doesn’t receive a full refund. Our fees (5% TravelNest Fee + 15% Channel Fee) + VAT where applicable are deducted from the total value of each booking at the time payment is made to you. You can see the details of individual bookings in your customer account.

West Kellow Yurts
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I switched to TravelNest for an easier option for property marketing. The experience has been sensational. Not only has it streamlined my entire marketing process but the new channels have immediately provided new bookings. Top class communication and customer service. Can’t thank TravelNest enough.
Julie & Emma
Julie & Emma
Solid Luxury
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We'd highly recommend TravelNest if you are looking for a hassle-free way to increase bookings. Our bookings from TravelNest are always increasing and we appreciate them working with all the channels so we don't have to.
Craigmaddie Muir Roundhouse
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We are very pleased with TravelNest, our bookings have far exceeded our expectations. The team made the onboarding process straightforward. We would highly recommend!
Hapus Yurt
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I've worked with TravelNest for over a year now. I can happily say that moving to TravelNest after deleting all my old accounts on various booking platforms was the best business decision I have made. It is such a good idea to have one port of call while having my property advertised on over 30 websites!
Richard & Alison
Richard & Alison
Nethermill Luxury Lodges
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As soon as I started working with TravelNest, bookings started coming in for my holiday let. It's a hassle-free way to get my lodge listed on top booking sites like Airbnb and I had my first bookings within a week!!