What happens if a booking is cancelled?

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When a booking has been cancelled by a guest (who is entitled to a refund), and you have already received payment for this booking, we will deduct this sum from any future payment we make to you. If there are no further bookings, we reserve the right to request a refund to balance this amount.

The same terms apply if you, the owner, requests a cancellation and you have already been paid for the booking. Please note that bookings can only be cancelled by you in exceptional circumstances.

Once a booking has been cancelled and processed by our team, the dates in your TravelNest calendar will become available for guests to book. This can take a short period of time to be reflected across your chosen channels.

Note: If you request us to cancel a booking after we have confirmed the booking with the guest, we reserve the right to charge you any costs incurred as a result as well as an administration fee on behalf of TravelNest of £50. If we are responsible for changes or cancellations to a booking and fees are charged by a channel or other reasonable costs are incurred, we will not seek to recover these from you.