How does TravelNest work?

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We are a marketing and advertising solution for vacation rentals. We work with individual property hosts and vacation rental businesses to help them create great listings which we distribute across the world’s best-known travel sites including Airbnb,, Expedia, Vrbo and Tripadvisor.

From luxury villas to serviced apartments, holiday lodge parks and wigwams, our aim is to increase your property’s visibility to more guests, boost occupancy and increase your revenue as a result.

How it works

  • Once you have registered with us and set up your TravelNest account, you can add your holiday let information to your account.
  • In your account, you’ll add key information about your property which we use to build your listings across your chosen booking websites. You’ll include details such as your property’s title, description, key amenities, pricing, and availability, as well as uploading 24+ high-quality photos of your property. To help you create a great listing for your vacation rental, you’ll have access to our suite of customer help guides, which have been developed by our expert team.
  • Next, you choose which channels you’d like your property to appear on. We work with a number of leading booking websites including Airbnb,, Expedia, Vrbo and Tripadvisor.
  • We can offer you access to around 30 booking websites, these include our primary channels and all their subsidiary sites too.
  • Once all the relevant information about your vacation rental has been added to your account and your profile is complete, your account will be verified by our team.
  • As soon as your vacation rental is verified by our team, we start building listings for your chosen websites, and distributing them to each booking site.
  • Before we can activate your listings, you’ll be asked to accept our terms and conditions.
  • We aim to have your listings live as soon as possible. We have direct connections with most of the booking platforms we work so this can be as quick as a few days, however, some may take a little longer (usually no more than two weeks).