How does the TravelNest calendar work?

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We work with some of the best-known booking platforms and travel sites including Airbnb,, Expedia, Vrbo and Tripadvisor, plus around 25 additional affiliate sites which are part of the main channel networks. The TravelNest calendar syncs all the channels you select within your TravelNest account. This then automatically updates to all the sites you list on with TravelNest – saving you time.

Additionally, you can use our calendar sync functionality to link external calendars to your TravelNest calendar using iCal. This makes it easier to manage your availability and reduce the risk of double-bookings. External calendars might include:

  • An online booking system like SuperControl
  • Listing not managed by us (e.g. a separate listing on Airbnb or

If you don’t use our calendar sync functionality to link external calendars, any booked dates received from external sources must be manually blocked in your TravelNest calendar.