How and when will I get paid for bookings?

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Completed bookings or whole/part non-refundable cancellations are paid on arrival. Depending on your bank, payment can take up to 12 days to reach your account.

If a guest has cancelled a booking you may still be entitled to a payment. We will remit payment to you based on the cancellation preference that you have selected in your TravelNest account.

Our payment schedule

You will receive your weekly payment and statement on a Wednesday for all arrivals up to the previous Sunday.

If your paying currency is not set as GBP in your TravelNest account, payments will take up to 4 working days to reach your account.


The amount that we deduct from each booking is our commission plus VAT, if your business is within the UK. If you are VAT registered, you can claim this VAT back.

You will receive a VAT invoice whenever a payment is made to you. This will detail what we are paying you, and breaks down the commission charge by booking.

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