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Buy to let in London

Are you a property owner in London interested in short term property lettings? Do you want to sky rocket your rental occupancy?

Let us introduce you to TavelNest.....The new way to advertise short term lettings. Our innovative software solution ensures that your properties can be seen on 30+ of the Worlds best marketing channels including booking.com, Airbnb, TUI, TripAdvisor, Expedia & HomeAway (all from the touch of a button). Reaching millions of potential guests.

We will provide you with One master listing across multiple channels, One place for all your property information, One calendar for all channels, Smart marketing & Great customer service

​Owners can manage all their bookings from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. TravelNest turns time-consuming tasks into quick and simple actions. Booked calendar dates are synchronised across all channels, saving owners valuable time which they can devote to guests instead.

​What’s more, TravelNest is packed with features designed to help short term rental owners continually increase occupancy rates on their properties.

More bookings. More time with guests. Less hassle.

Better visibility = higher occupancy

Reaching full occupancy is a constant challenge. Let TravelNest do the hard work for you. We’ll improve the visibility and quality of your listings, so you can achieve higher occupancy and better results.

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One master listing across multiple channels

No more worrying about updating listings on different sites. Your TravelNest account provides a single property listing that’s distributed on our partner channels. Simply add your properties, choose your channels and turn unsold dates into guests.  

man on his ipad using travelnest app

One place for all your property information

Using TravelNest saves valuable time. All your property details are managed from a single, easy to use dashboard. Make updates and they’ll be applied across your chosen channels.

women taking a photo

One calendar for all channels

No more calendar headaches. With TravelNest, you’ll never miss a booking. Your account shows all bookings across your chosen channels from a single, synchronised calendar. Get a clear view of your availability in real time.  


And that's not all

We'll make your life easier so you've got more time for guests.

Smart marketing

We take the guesswork out of marketing your properties. From titles and descriptions to photos and pricing, we’ll enhance your listings and improve search ranking.

Easy to use

It’s so easy to get started with TravelNest. You can sign up and start adding properties in minutes. We turn time-consuming, clunky tasks into quick and simple actions.


Great customer service

Our aim is simple - to help you boost bookings. Our friendly and responsive team are on hand whenever you need support. Plus, you’ll have one point of contact you can rely on - us.

Be seen in all the right places

We’ll maximise the visibility and quality of your listings. Get your property seen on 30+ top marketing channels. You’ll be found by more guests and achieve higher occupancy. All these and more!

It's simple to sign up

Add a property and get started in as little as 10 minutes.