How do I update my listings?

To make changes to your property listings simply login to your TravelNest account and make changes to your property profile. You make changes once in TravelNest and they’ll be automatically reflected on all your listings across all of your chosen channels.

Can I integrate TravelNest with my own website?

If you receive bookings from sources outwith your chosen TravelNest websites (e.g. your own website, or via an online booking system like SuperControl), you would have to maintain these separately to TravelNest. Any bookings received via external sources would need to be manually added and cross-checked with your TravelNest calendar to ensure there are no […]

What happens if a booking is cancelled?

When a booking has been cancelled by a guest (who is entitled to a refund), and you have already received payment for this booking, we will deduct this sum from any future payment we make to you. If there are no further bookings, we reserve the right to request a refund to balance this amount. The same […]

How does the TravelNest calendar work?

The TravelNest calendar syncs with all the channels selected within the TravelNest account only. We work with some of the best-known booking platforms including Airbnb,, Expedia, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and TUI, plus up to 25 additional affiliate websites that are part of the main channel networks. At present, there is no direct integration with external booking sources such as a direct bookings calendar on an owners own website, or