When a booking is received for one of your holiday lets, we will make payments to you once the cancellation period has expired, or once we have received the booking funds; whichever is the later.

Some booking websites we work with do not release payment to us until the arrival or departure of your guests. Here’s how payment terms differ across our main partner channels.

  • Airbnb – Payment is received as soon as the cancellation period expires.
  • Booking.com + HomeAway – We receive payment at the time of booking.
  • Expedia, TripAdvisor, TUI – Payments are received after arrival.

Note: We retain the right to withhold payment of the first payment per property until after the first guests who have booked through TravelNest have arrived. This forms part of our validation process that we have in place for the benefit of all TravelNest customers.

Our payment schedule

You will receive your weekly payment and statement on a Wednesday for all payments received by TravelNest in the previous calendar week.

You will be paid within 3-10 days of TravelNest receiving the funds.


The amount that we deduct from each booking is our commission plus VAT. If you are VAT registered, you can claim this VAT back. You will receive a VAT invoice whenever a payment is made to you. This will detail what we are paying you, and breaks down the commission charges by booking.