Stress-free listings management at Westcote Glamping

Westcote Glamping is based on a working sheep farm in the Scottish Borders.

TravelNest advertises the five glamping units on 30+ popular channels, as well as coordinating calendars and managing enquiries, bookings and payments.

In its first year of operation, Westcote Glamping has become a successful business by reaching more guests with TravelNest.

"Without TravelNest, my business would never be as successful as it is now."

Annette launched Westcote Glamping in 2019. With TravelNest by her side, she’s gone from strength to strength, expanding the glamping business and offering luxury holiday lets. Watch the video and learn more.

TravelNest customer Westcote Glamping

About Westcote Glamping

  • Owners Annette and Drew have been working with TravelNest since launching their glamping business in 2019.

  • There are five units at Westcote Glamping: two gypsy caravans, a shepherd’s hut, a showman’s hut and a glamping pod.

  • The site also has wood-fired hot tubs, eco-toilets and a communal kitchen area for guests to use.

The challenges

Annette and Drew run a busy sheep farm alongside their glamping business, so time is at a premium. Adding another business to the mix had become time-consuming and stressful, but TravelNest was able to remove much of this stress and save them a lot of time.

Annette decided to work with TravelNest because they were able to help with key tasks:

  • Setting up high-quality listings for the five units on multiple channels
  • Coordinating calendars across the major booking sites
  • Dealing with all guest enquiries, managing bookings and payments

This gives Annette time to focus on giving her guests a unique experience.

Reduce, recycle, reuse

The mantra Annette and Drew have for their business is to reuse, recycle and reduce their impact on the environment.

Each unit is unique, from the handcrafted gypsy caravans to the original showman’s hut. They are all second hand and upcycled, often using local craftsmen with specialist skills.

Annette made all the soft furnishings herself and sourced vintage and upcycled furniture too. This approach has become an important selling point for attracting guests.

As soon as we started working with TravelNest last year, we saw a 50% increase in bookings virtually straight away!


Westcote Glamping

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TravelNest makes life easier

Calendar sync

Annette was particularly worried about double-bookings and people turning up when they were already fully booked, but TravelNest completely eliminated this. The TravelNest calendar syncs across all listings meaning that availability is instantly updated across all channels.

One place to manage everything

Although Annette wanted more visibility on more sites, the extra work involved in organising new listings for five different properties was a concern.

TravelNest made this easy – she simply added her property information to her account and TravelNest used it to build optimised listings on 30+ sites like, Airbnb, Expedia and more.  

Bookings on tap

With over 70 bookings received to date, and a busy season to look forward to in 2020, working with TravelNest has given Annette peace of mind and helped her make a success of her business.

The biggest difference in working with TravelNest is that it has given me a bit of life back. If I was doing it all myself I’d spend all my time marketing the five properties.”

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