Luxury London flat achieves 90% occupancy

TravelNest helped host John boost occupancy for his London flat to 90%.

Discover how TravelNest makes John’s life easier by optimising his listings and marketing his flat successfully across 30 of the world’s most popular booking channels.

The result is over 60 bookings achieved in just 6 months.

London flat exterior
London flat

About the property

  • The property is a two-bedroom luxury flat located in Finsbury Park, North London that was purchased as an investment in 2009.

  • Located near Finsbury Park Tube Station, the property comes with 24/7 concierge service, overnight security, and private car parking.

  • John joined TravelNest in early 2019.

Before TravelNest

Before joining TravelNest, John marketed the property himself on three channels – Airbnb, HomeAway, and

Managing his own listings was a lot of work and he spent considerable time dealing with the channels and co-ordinating multiple calendars and guest bookings.

He wanted to be on more channels but was reluctant to do so because of the work involved – until he discovered TravelNest.

Balcony of London appartment
Jack from London case study

I joined TravelNest to make life easier. Dealing with channels was time-consuming and so tedious! Now, the pure admin grind of that has gone.


Luxury 2-bed flat, London

woman with TravelNest channels illustration

From three to 30 channels

TravelNest’s unified solution really appealed to John. It offered an easy way to boost the visibility of his property. All he had to do was add his property to the TravelNest platform and his flat went from being on just three channels to over 30 at the touch of a button.

TravelNest makes handling multiple channels super simple.

At my onboarding session, I saw how easy it was to add all the details of my property and get set up on the TravelNest platform. I was so impressed that I decided to sign-up there and then - I had a very good experience."

illustration of a man at a desk with computer

Expert advice at your fingertips

As part of the on-boarding process, the TravelNest team worked closely with John to optimise his listing information, so the property would perform well across different booking sites.

Because TravelNest works directly with major channels like Airbnb,, and Expedia, owners benefit from channel-specific expertise on the best ways to improve listings for optimum performance.

TravelNest offered me great hints and tips on the descriptions I’d put together for the flat. The way my property is now marketed makes a big difference to my occupancy.


Luxury 2-bed flat, London

Jack in London apartment
Interior shot of London apartment

Delivering amazing results

Since joining TravelNest in early 2019, John has seen a marked improvement in occupancy rates, with TravelNest delivering results month after month.Key results include:

  • Increased visibility from three to thirty global channels including Airbnb,, Expedia, Tripadvisor, Vrbo and multiple affiliate sites

  • Consistent 90% occupancy rate

  • 60+ bookings achieved in 6 months

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