Edinburgh city apartment moves beyond Airbnb

Host Susan relied solely on Airbnb for bookings for her Edinburgh city apartment. However, this didn’t guarantee good occupancy all year round.

Since working with TravelNest, her luxury apartment is now listed on over 30 different booking platforms and attracts a steady stream of bookings throughout the year. 

TravelNest customer Susan, from Quartermile Apartments

About the property

  • The one-bedroom luxury property is located in the heart of Edinburgh’s prestigious Quartermile re-development of the Royal Infirmary Hospital overlooking the Meadows park.

  • The property is popular with tourists visiting the city, and also with students and visiting relatives, due to it’s proximity to Edinburgh University.

  • Susan has been involved in the vacation rentals industry since 2015, and has been managing this particular property with her business partner since 2018.  

TravelNest supports our business by maximising our exposure on lots of channels. Previously, we were only on Airbnb. Now, we’re getting lots of bookings from new channels like Booking.com, Expedia and HomeAway.


Edinburgh quartermile apartment

travelNest customer, Susan from Quartermile

From one to 30 channels

For Susan, one of the most appealing things about TravelNest was the sheer number of booking sites they offered. TravelNest partners with many of the world’s top booking sites – Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, HomeAway, Tripadvisor and TUI, plus a host of affiliate and niche sites too.

TravelNest made it easy for Susan to advertise her apartment on all these platforms and hugely increase her exposure to new markets and many more guests.

I really liked the ease of sign-up and how quickly I was able to get my listing live. Most of the admin is actually done by TravelNest - they’ve really reduced the amount of time I spend on admin but have increased my exposure at the same time!

Susan - Edinburgh Quartermile Apartment

Keeping admin to a minimum

Susan was impressed with how easy it was to get started with TravelNest. She was able to get set up on the TravelNest platform quickly and efficiently.

Once her new listings were up and running on all the new channels, she was surprised by how little day-to-day admin was required.

Filling the gaps in low season

Before working with TravelNest, Susan often worried about getting bookings in low season, as the flat was previously solely advertised on Airbnb. She was concerned about where bookings would come from during quieter periods and knew there was more she could do to maximise potential.

With TravelNest, the difference in booking volume is significant. Not only are more bookings coming in for peak season, but additional bookings from all the new channels are helping fill out gaps right across the year when they wouldn’t normally have had many bookings. The bookings from TravelNest also tend to be for longer durations than those from Airbnb, which is great for increasing revenue. 

A team you can trust

One of the things that sets TravelNest apart for Susan is the experience and responsiveness of the  team.

They helped get her apartment set up on the TravelNest platform, and ensured that everything from photos, amenities, calendar availability and pricing was optimised to ensure top performance on a variety of different channels.

Day-to-day, Susan is really happy the customer service she gets from the TravelNest team. It’s really easy to get in touch with someone if she has any questions, and things get resolved very, quickly.

“The best thing about using TravelNest is knowing how many booking platforms we are on. I would definitely recommend them to other property owners out there.”

Susan - Edinburgh Quartermile Apartment

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