Business success for Craigmaddie Muir Roundhouse

Craigmaddie Muir Roundhouse is a bespoke, architect-designed vacation rental property owned by first-generation farmers Gordon and Susie. It’s located on their 400-acre sheep and cattle farm at Craigmaddie Muir, 10 miles from Glasgow.

Since joining TravelNest in 2019, Craigmaddie Muir Roundhouse has become one of our most booked properties. More than 100 bookings have been received in 2020, thanks to a combination of supercharged, optimised listings and maximum guest exposure across top booking sites.

Gordon and Susie from Craigmaddie Muir, The Roundhouse
The Roundhouse at Craigmaddie Muir

About Craigmaddie Muir Roundhouse

  • In 2019, Gordon and Susie embarked on a diversification project to supplement the farm’s income, part-funded by The Kelvin Valley and Falkirk Leader Programme.
  • They commissioned the design of Craigmaddie Muir Roundhouse, a bespoke, eco-friendly vacation rental property and hot tub.
  • The property sleeps two and is perfect for couples – often celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, engagements, honeymoons and anniversaries.

TravelNest are great. They gave us the confidence to go ahead and start our new venture. Starting a business is hard work, particularly in the first year, and they’ve really taken the pressure off us. They put the roundhouse on multiple booking sites and really maximised our reach.

The challenges

With a background in farming, Gordon and Susie had limited experience in vacation rentals. They were keen to develop a profitable income stream from the roundhouse quickly. They had a website but were unsure where to start with the big booking sites like Airbnb and

Another challenge the couple face is lack of time – running the farm takes up a lot of time. They also have three young children so didn’t want hours of admin eating into family time. Gordon heard about TravelNest from an existing customer – they’d had great success and recommended he take a look.

They joined TravelNest in 2019, and haven’t looked back!

Craigmaddie Muir, The Roundhouse
Gordon and Susie from Craigmaddie Muir, The Roundhouse

The main challenge we worried about was managing our listings on different booking sites. TravelNest does this for us. We only need to work with one calendar, which TravelNest links across all the platforms. We couldn’t possibly do all this ourselves without TravelNest!

Gordon and Susie

craigmaddie muir roundhouse

TravelNest account illustration

How TravelNest helped

Exposure on the best booking sites

Gordon and Susie rely on TravelNest to list the roundhouse on all the major booking sites, including Airbnb,, Expedia, TripAdvisor and Vrbo, as well as on many niche and affiliate sites like, HouseTrip, FlipKey and HolidayLettings.

High performing listings 

TravelNest worked closely with Gordon and Susie to help them create listings which showcase the roundhouse at it’s best, and attract guests. Expertise was provided on everything from the property title, the written description, photos and pricing to maximise the property’s appeal.

One central calendar

Gordon and Susie were worried about how they would manage multiple calendars on different sites. The TravelNest calendar synchronizes everything, so they don’t have to worry about dates overlapping or double bookings.

Craigmaddie Muir Roundhouse is one of our most popular and most booked properties. It is almost fully booked all year round. For 2020, the property received over 100 bookings, and is already well into double figures for 2021.

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