Release Notes: Improved Date Blocking, Integration + More!

Welcome to our very first Release Notes! This will be a regular update to let you know about all the new features and improvements we’ve made to your TravelNest account.

Let’s jump right in!

Meg, Robin and Jo - TravelNest Product Team

1. Improved: Calendar date blocking

Block an entire date range in one go with our improved date blocking tool. You can now automatically block out any calendar gaps within the date range you specify, without the need to manually create individual blocks to cover every gap. 

Ready to see improved date blocking in action? Head over to the Calendar section of your TravelNest account to try it out! If you are not accepting bookings at the moment, this is the perfect tool to update your availability. 

2. Updated: integration

As part of our commitment to continually improve our Partner Connectivity, we’ve recently completed a bunch of improvements which have boosted our integration with 

New properties added to TravelNest will go live on super quick, updates to existing listings will sync even faster and guests will benefit from greater cancellation flexibility where this is supported by your choice of cancellation preference.

TravelNest Connectivity Partner

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3. Behold! Instant Book on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is now Instant Book. We were super keen to introduce this to match what we do on all other booking sites. Instant Book is a sure fire way to increase bookings – guests don’t want to wait for confirmation, they want to book right away!

If you don’t currently list on TripAdvisor, now’s the time to change that. Increase your channel selection and get more exposure for your property by adding TripAdvisor to your TravelNest channel selection. Just head over to the Marketing section of your TravelNest account to update your channel selection and we’ll do the rest.

Tripadvisor Instant Book

4. Faster load speed for Bookings page

We’ve made a small but mighty upgrade to the Bookings page load time, which is super useful for our customers with multiple properties and bookings.

You’ll now be able to access bookings and booking information far quicker, as we’ve achieved a 97% page speed increase, and a load time of just 2 seconds – wowzers! You can also filter by future, current and completed bookings and access guest information in a jiffy.  

Over to you

Our team are working hard to continually improve what we offer. If you’re keen to see a new feature or specific improvement in your TravelNest account – we’re all ears.

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