How to access a Vrbo owner login

Vacation rental hosts have a lot to gain by advertising on Vrbo. Thanks to having a massive global audience and features like the enhanced search functionality, listing on this platform can help you maximise your income and reach more guests. In this post, we’ll take a look at the other features which the site has to offer compared to other booking channels, how to get started with advertising a vacation rental on Vrbo and where the Vrbo login page can be found.

By Kate Wilkinson, Content Marketing Executive

What is Vrbo?

With over 2 million properties listed in 191 countries, Vrbo is one of the largest vacation rental platforms in the world. That means that no matter where your property is located, you’ll be able to find potential guests from all over the globe. Find out more about the history of the brand and what does Vrbo stand for in our Vrbo blog!

Is Vrbo better than Airbnb?

Airbnb and Vrbo are amongst the top travel booking sites in the world, and each have unique benefits for owners. Both of the channels give hosts the option to operate an instant book policy for guests. Instant book is a booking tool which lets guests book available properties immediately, removing the need for hosts to review and accept each booking request individually. However, there is one key difference between the two. While Airbnb is known for its room-only rentals, Vrbo specialising in vacation rental homes. You cannot advertise a room-only listings on Vrbo, making this a better option for guests looking for a completely private rental. 

Vrbo login

With TravelNest, vacation rental owners can advertise on both Vrbo and Airbnb and many more, without needing to create a separate Vrbo login. With our single-login platform you can manage all of your listings and bookings from one place, whilst benefitting from both of the sites global audiences. If you have an external Vrbo listing you can find the Vrbo owner login page here. Our software allows hosts to synchronise calendars to any external listings should you wish to continue using your existing Vrbo or Airbnb login. 

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