Top amenities for large vacation rentals

Vacation rental properties catering to large groups need the right amenities to ensure a successful stay. Anywhere sleeping 6 or more guests can be considered a large vacation rental, and these groups of guests are looking for an experience rather than the basics. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of top amenities that will guarantee your guests have an enjoyable stay at your property!

By Kate Wilkinson, Content Marketing Executive

Comfortable sleeping arrangements

Maximise the bedroom space you do have to accommodate as many guests as possible. You may choose to add more sleeping options to increase the party size (such as sofa beds or bunk beds). Whatever you do choose, comfort is key. Invest in high-quality mattresses, duvets and pillows for optimum comfort, and add some luxurious touches like plush throws or decorative pillows for a luxury feel. In terms of how to decorate a holiday home, check out these interior design trends. Having more than enough bed linen supplies and towels is helpful when catering to large groups too. To ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep, consider installing blackout curtains or blinds in each room also.

Efficient heating system

If your vacation rental property is slightly bigger in size, it may be harder to keep the whole place warm in cooler months. You will benefit from having a good central heating system, or even a fireplace. Investing in a quality heating systems can also increase energy efficiency in your rental property which could save you money in the long run. Additionally, make sure that each room has adequate insulation and soft furnishings such as blankets to keep warm. On the other hand, you may also need to consider an air conditioning system in the summer!

Fully equipped kitchen

Top-notch kitchen facilities are essential for vacation rentals for large groups. It provides your guests with the opportunity to create their own meals in a comfortable space. When travelling in large groups, people prefer the convenience and sociability of self-catering. Therefore, you should make sure you provide all the appliances and utensils needed for meal preparation as well as plenty of counter space and storage space so your guests don’t feel cramped while they cook. Buying high quality amenities will give your place a good reputation and also means they’ll last much longer too. Kitchen amenities guests are looking for right now include: coffee machines, fridge freezer with water dispenser and steam ovens. It is also beneficial for hosts to leave essentials like condiments and cleaning supplies, so guests don’t have to go out and purchase these items themselves.

Outdoor furniture

One of the most searched for amenities on Airbnb is a pool. Depending on your location, outdoor space is highly sought after. Outdoor kitchens are also becoming popular amongst guests, but a BBQ should be suffice. If you do have the outdoor space, at the very minimum it is essential to have outdoor seating and outdoor cushions to add an extra touch of comfort when spending time outdoors on a sunny day or under the stars at night. Providing outdoor lighting (such as fairy lights) can also help create a cosy atmosphere while entertaining outside at night too. 

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